What to do - Angelikon Luxurious Apartments in Lemnos, Agios Ioannis

What to do

There are a lot of things to do in Lemnos. Apart from visiting the beaches and villages you can enjoy a variety of other activities.

Kite surf & Wind surf

Windsurf and Kitesurf are activities that possess a special role in Lemnos.
In Lemnos, you will find the windsurfing and kitesurfing club and you can join no matter how advanced you are. If you are a new enthusiast you can always join a course with trained instructors, suitable for you and your family. Strong winds make Lemnos one of the most famous kite and windsurf destinations in Greece. Mostly Keros and Gomati are among the most recommended spots for a unique windsurfing experience.



In Lemnos, you will also find in Moudros a diving center where you can train on scuba diving. Trained professionals will help you experience the mysteries of the rich Aegean seabed and discover more about marine life.


Horse riding

If you think that exploring the island on foot is boring, then why not do it on horseback? Ride along the beach and explore nature to its depth! Courses for beginners and advanced riders are available.



Every island is ideal for fishing, but in Lemnos, due to its lacy beaches and its reefs with rich diversity, it is suitable for fishing and snorkeling.


Bird watching

There are many wetlands such as Aliki, Asprolimni, Hortarolimni and the network of protected areas Natura 2000. In Lemnos you can see beautiful pink flamingoes in many parts of the island.


Boat tours

Lemnos has endless beaches which make boat tours an unforgettable experience. You can get your ticket on the main Myrina’s port and travel around the island.



You can easily rent a bicycle from several spots in Myrina and ride throughout the island. Of course for lovers of off-road cycling, Lemnos has many paths and routes to discover.


Sea sports

You can enjoy water sports in many places on the island, such as Evgati beach and Rixa beach.



Lemnos also has a newly built tennis club just a few kilometres away from Myrina’s center. Tennis enthusiasts have now the opportunity to train in their favorite sport.


Thermal springs treatments

Lemnos has been known since ancient times for the properties of the Lemnian earth, which was considered to have beneficial properties. The same was true of its thermal springs, especially the hot waters that are released from the area near the old inactive Volcano of Lemnos, Mosichlo.



All islands in Greece are known for their summer fairs with good food, wine and greek tranditional dances. Do not miss the chance to attend them.


Ancient Hiphaestia festival

The past few years, ancient dramas and performances were held in the open ancient theater of the Hepheastia, a unique experience that you surely do not want to miss.